Monday, August 26, 2013


The Construction of the temple in Dinise is on progress. God has revealed so gracious the people of this community that not only we are building a school for the children to receive the bread of instruction, we also are building a temple for them to worship the living God.

We are not alone on this journey, Our Lord is with us. He has called His precious children from the Second Baptist Church and Points on the Wheel of Missouri to be behind of School. We are so happy to announce that before the school started in Haiti, we will be able to post the school of Dinise with a roof just because the generous supports of Second Baptist Church and Samaritan's Heart. We are praising God for this strong partnership!

At the other hand, another church from Korea, the Presbyterian Church of Koerea (PCK) to support the costs for the temple.

A great thanks to our donors, but all the glory is to God who makes it happened!

If you belong to the living God and have money, please come and let's make a difference in remote areas of Haiti. Together, we can preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a practical way. Yes, together,we can impact lives and gain them for Jesus.

With temple and school for the new generation of the community of Dinise, I see the dream of God for Dinise about to come true! Together, we can!

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